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Advocare’s purpose is to support and protect the rights of older people in Western Australia.

As an independent not-for-profit organisation we provide a range of advocacy and information services especially designed to assist older people, their families and carers.


We aim to help you to be able to make choices that suit you, understand your rights, resolve any issues with aged and community care service provision, and access the right supports and protections available.


All of our services are free, confidential and guided by the older person.  


We assist through:

  • Advocacy and support – walking alongside the older person, every step of the way
  • Information – providing free information and advice on rights and access to aged care services
  • Education – raising awareness and understanding
  • Elder Abuse Helpline – if you are at risk of, or experiencing elder abuse, contact our free and confidential helpline on 1300 724 679.

Who We Support

We assist older people in Western Australia to understand their rights, resolve any issues with aged and community care service provision and access the right supports and protections available, including:

  • People eligible for or who are receiving home or residential care services (65+ non-Indigenous or 50+ Indigenous) throughout Western Australia
  • People under 65+ receiving support from HACC
  • Older people who are being abused or are at risk of Elder Abuse
  • Individuals, families, carers, or concerned representatives
  • A guardian or next of kin responsible for decision-making, where capacity is not supported.

Our Advocates

An advocate is someone who speaks or writes in support of another person – and that is what we can offer you.


Advocare has a team of advocates who are there to assist you, and our advocates are only a phone call away. They will listen to your concerns and provide practical assistance such as:

  • Supplying information and resources
  • Supporting you at a meeting
  • Talking through some strategies so you can resolve a problem
  • Depending on the situation and with your consent, advocating on your behalf

Our Guiding Principles

Our work is always underpinned by the following legislation and charters.

Gwen’s story

Gwen* contacted Advocare via her Residential Aged Care facility. She was upset that her son was taking advantage of her through the abuse of an Enduring Power of Attorney.


Gwen had set up the EPA when she went in to hospital for major surgery. After she recovered, Gwen wanted to take back control of her finances and discovered her son had been using her money for his own purposes and not paying her bills. As with many people who find out a member of their family is involved in financial abuse, Gwen was highly distressed at the thought of confronting her son. She also felt ashamed about the situation.


One of our advocates discussed various options open to Gwen and she requested assistance to remove her EPA.  We prepared a letter revoking the EPA for Gwen, and her Residential Aged Care facility then assisted Gwen to provide copies of the letter to Centrelink and her Bank. It was important to Gwen to be able to make her own decisions and be back in control of her own money.


* All names on this website have been changed to protect privacy

The Perron Centre
Suite 4/61 Kitchener Avenue
Victoria Park WA 6100

Phone: 08 9479 7566
WA Elder Abuse Helpline: 1300 724 679
Country callers: 1800 655 566


Your donation will help us improve the lives of older people living in Western Australia.


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