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Visiting residential aged care facilities

The latest updates to the ‘Industry Code for Visiting in Aged Care’ endorsed by the Cabinet are provided here.

The Cabinet’s focus is to ensure the importance of maintaining the health and wellbeing of older people during this time. “We are pleased that under the changes, each aged care resident can be visited by one essential visitor at all times, including during management of outbreak or exposure.” Access the Cabinet communique.

Access the latest information on:

Industry Code for Visiting In Aged Care

Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) and Home Care Services (CHSP/HCP)

Webinar: ‘Putting aged care residents first: Latest COVID-19 updates and initiatives.’ Feb. 2022. (Webinar transcript)

Do you have any concerns about being able to visit your loved one?

You’re not alone. We’ve received many calls from concerned friends, family and relatives unable to visit their loved ones due to restrictions. We can help you understand and resolve any concerns you may have based on the current government guidelines.

Advocare continues to provide free and confidential advocacy services to clients across WA over the phone on 9479 7566 or freecall 1800 655 566 between 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. and by email at

The WA Elder Abuse Helpline 1300 724 679 is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Information and resources on COVID-19

For information on COVID-19, please refer to the following resources:

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