Alliance for the Prevention of Elder Abuse WA

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The Alliance for the Prevention of Elder Abuse Western Australia (APEA:WA) is a high-level policy group led by Advocare.

APEA:WA was established to support inter-agency collaboration to prevent elder abuse in Western Australia.

The objectives of the group are to:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of Elder Abuse in Western Australia
  • Facilitate Elder Abuse policy development in Western Australia

Since inception, APEA:WA has successfully:

  • Raised awareness in WA of issues that surround elder abuse
  • Influenced current attitudes, policies and practices
  • Contributed to research
  • Ensured collaborations and networking across agencies
  • Involved State Ministers at meetings

Member Organisations

APEA:WA member organisations meet bi-monthly to work on key actions within the strategic plan.

Members include: