YirraKurl’s artwork to celebrate the regions

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In December 2022, Advocare commissioned Noongar artist Deborah Newenham-Coertse to create an original artwork capturing our journey of supporting older people in the regions of WA. In 2023 our stunning, original piece arrived!

Deborah is part of a collective of indigenous artists who call themselves YirraKurl, the name you will often see alongside the artwork and its derivative pieces on different items, like staff t-shirts. Deborah was joined on this commission by her daughter Kristy Spillman, who’s been learning the process of storytelling through Aboriginal art from her mother since 1998. Together they created an amazing artwork for Advocare which you’ll soon see more of when it’s respectfully applied to a range of items we’ll share with communities on our regional trips. Visit their website at: www.yirrakurl.com

Advocare CEO Louise Forster with YirraKurl's artwork
Advocare CEO Louise Forster with YirraKurl’s artwork

Understanding its symbology

The artwork visually depicts all of WA’s regions as seen through the eyes of a Noongar woman from the South West. More information on the symbolism is included in the legend provided by the artist shown below. The two-hand motif in the main artwork represents Advocare’s staff working in the regions.

Symbolism in YirraKurl artwork for Advocare

(Image from our Advocare’s Annual Report 2022-23)