YirraKurl-inspired shirts now on tour

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Get ready to enjoy some stunning mobile artwork on display soon as modelled by our intrepid Regional Outreach team.
Inspired by our recent art commission with YirraKurl, we’re proud to show off four designs that capture the beauty of the regions in which we travel.

In December 2022, Advocare commissioned Noongar artist Deborah Newenham-Coertse (from YirraKurl) to create an original artwork capturing our journey of supporting older people in the regions of WA. Last edition we highlighted the full artwork. Since then, we’ve been working to extract each visual motif Debra identified as representing the various regions found within the main artwork. The result is four custom shirt designs showing each of the regional representations for Advocates to wear when they’re travelling in the relevant regions.

If you call the regions home, look out for our Outreach Advocates who’re proud to wear these works of art while they’re on the road meeting local older people and age care providers across our vast state. Here’s a simple guide to matching the shirts’ motif/symbol to the regions (shown left to right in this image below):

  • South West/Great Southern – sand/snake motif and dolphins
  • Pilbara/Kimberley – the boab tree and wildflowers
  • Perth metro/Mid West – turtles and pink lake
  • Goldfields/Wheatbelt – super-pit goldmine and kangaroos, emus and walking tracks
Peta, Claire, Aisling and Bec in our new designs
Peta, Claire, Aisling and Bec in our new designs

Read our earlier story on YirraKurl’s full artwork here.

Meet our new Advocate in the Pilbara, Claire

We managed to snap Claire Tassone in her Pilbara/Kimberley design t-shirt while she was in Perth for her induction recently.

Claire and her family have been living in Newman since 2021, and she’s the latest, much-needed addition to our team as an Advocare Regional Advocate.

She joins us with a background in nursing, mostly in medical and surgical settings. She enjoys travelling, exploring and volunteering in her local region and in her previous role with the local Day Respite Centre, Claire also had the wonderful opportunity to work with First Nations people of the Pilbara.

Claire now looks forward to touching base with more local people to support them with all her new knowledge gained in becoming an aged care advocate with us. Welcome, Claire!

Claire T