Volunteer snapshot: Ian’s new lens on volunteering

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Having previously volunteered with Alzheimer’s WA, Ian realised how difficult it could be for people living with the condition and their loved ones. Motivated by his experience and also his understanding that many people struggle living in aged care homes, he joined our volunteer program and began visiting older people in our community who are at risk of social isolation.

Ian’s client lives in an aged care home with his spouse who lives with early-stage dementia. Ian told us on meeting him, his client, was probably feeling isolated and unsure of the future, “So I’m helping him to get the best out of his mobile phone and tablet, plus just being a friend.”

His client’s ability to speak openly about his feelings has been really inspiring to Ian who has learned that everyone has a rich life story to tell but needs support and understanding to tell it.

Besides being a wonderful volunteer with Advocare’s Community Visitors Scheme, Ian continues to have a rich life full of diverse interests, and feels grateful to have the time and ability to follow his passions. “I’m very passionate about understanding the world and learning how it works. My main hobbies at the moment are macro photography and 3D modelling, especially of native plants.”

Join us!

If you’re keen to tap into the richness of volunteering like Ian to share your time and friendship with those who need it, contact us on 08 9479 7566 or visit our volunteering page on the website for further information.