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Advocare’s volunteers really are the heart and soul of the organisation. The work they do has the most amazing impact on the lonely or social-isolated clients we match them up with. Every volunteer has a fascinating experience or story to share about what volunteering has done for them – as well as their clients!

Lorna joined us as a Community Visitors Scheme Volunteer in December 2021. Previously she managed a large contingent of volunteers for St John Ambulance in her working life.

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Volunteering and the great goodwill it creates for both parties was something she missed being a part of. Lorna’s also keen to ‘pay it forward’ to visit someone else’s Mum as a volunteer knowing full well how much her own 82-year-old mum back in the UK enjoys the opportunity for a chat and a cuppa to keep loneliness at bay.

Newsbites asked Lorna to shed some light on how she found wearing the shoe on the other foot as a volunteer herself.

Tell us about the clients you visit?

I have two clients that I visit who live in the Regis Care Facility in Nedlands. One gentleman and one lady. They are such interesting people and share their stories so willingly with me when we get together. They like to talk about a wide variety of topics, one of them in particular, loves nothing better than to share reading poems.

Your most memorable moment to date as a CVS volunteer?

I remember sitting with a very dear soul shortly before she passed away, just holding her hand and sometimes talking to her. I realised just how powerful someone’s presence at a time like this could be.

The biggest challenge to date as a CVS volunteer?

Protective clothing, PPE, during a COVID outbreak was so challenging, as the home was quite warm as it was, and then under all that extra protection, I was sweltering!

Your best advice to someone interested in joining the CVS volunteer team?

As Nike says ‘Just Do It!’ Volunteering benefits both the receiver and the giver. The receiver has the company of someone who cares about them and sees them for who they really are, and the volunteer learns that the client is more than they seem on the surface. It has also been scientifically proven that people who volunteer regularly one to two hours per week are happier in themselves.

Great advice from Lorna. If you’d like more information on volunteering with Advocare within the Perth metro area contact us on 08 9479 7566 or email: volunteer@advocare.org.au

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