Tips for staying safe at home, online and out-and-about in the community

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There are many things we can all do to keep ourselves safe, protect our homes and our property, while also strengthening our relationships and visibility within our neighbourhoods and communities.

Neighbourhood Watch together with the WA Police have developed an invaluable resource, called Safety Advice for Seniors, packed with practical tips and simple adjustments that are easy to implement but can make a huge difference to personal safety and ongoing confidence to continue living at home as we age. Organised into clear sections, the booklet focuses on personal safety in various settings.

At Home

The guide offers insights into good habits for living alone, knowing your neighbours, dealing safely with visitors, particularly those that are unexpected, phone safety and inexpensive and effective personal and home security devices.


Tips for staying safe when out and about, including evening excursions, such as walking or parking in well-lit areas and recommendations for using public transport safely. The guide also provides advice about preventing bag snatches, road safety, whether walking, cycling, driving or operating a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Tips for staying safe at home, online and out-and-about in the community

Money Matters

Financial security is paramount. This handy guide provides sound advice on safe banking practices, including tips on safeguarding personal information and detecting fraudulent activities to prevent financial exploitation.

Legal Affairs

Navigating legal matters can be daunting for anyone. Safety Advice for Seniors offers advice and caution around signing legal documents and suggestions for safeguarding important documents and ways to prevent identity theft or fraud.

Elder Abuse Awareness

Information about the various forms of elder abuse is provided. What it is (and you might be surprised!), how to recognise it and help to reach out for help and support.

Computers and Technology

In today’s digital age, understanding internet safety and recognising scams is increasingly important. This guide provides easy-to-understand ideas to navigate the online world, along with options to reach out safely for help if something doesn’t seem right, including protecting personal information and identifying online scams.

This wonderfully simple yet ever-so handy and helpful guide is short and succinct yet packed with ideas that many of us might never have considered. The checklist at the back of the booklet provides a reminder of things to check, a list of important people to contact should a problem occur, along with a list of useful contact numbers in the event of an emergency.

Well done and thank you Neighbourhood Watch and WA Police.  A great resource. Download your copy of Safety Advice for Seniors here.