The fight for older West Aussies reaches 100,000 cases

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MEDIA RELEASE: 30 January 2024

As a leader in advocating for the rights of older West Australians, Advocare proudly announces a major milestone: reaching 100,000 support cases.

This achievement reflects Advocare’s ongoing commitment to providing expert guidance and advocacy to older people in the fight for their human rights to be recognised and upheld.

A ‘case’ is categorised by a phone call received to our support lines when we provide information on aged care services or elder abuse. It includes new matters for callers across all our programs and services.

Key milestone details:

  1. Milestone date: The 100,000 support cases milestone was reached on 29 January.
  2. Case-count beginnings: Records indicate Advocare began tracking cases in December 2000, four years after its inception in 1996. Approximately, 40,000 advocacy cases have been added since June 2015.
  3. Notable increases: In the calendar year 2023, Advocare added 7,830 cases, a notable increase compared to the 5,880 cases in 2022. During this time, we saw the introduction of the Home Care Check-in Service (HCCI), the care finder service, and had a major increase in the regional advocacy and outreach team.

All programs contributing to our milestone figure:

– National Aged Care Advocacy Program (NACAP)

– Home Care Check-in Service

– WA Elder Abuse Helpline

– Care finder program

– Aged Care System Navigator Trial (ACSNT)

4.   Metropolitan and regional split: While most of the 100,000 advocacy and information cases were generated in the Perth              metropolitan area, in the last four years recent expansion into the WA regions has seen rising numbers in:

   – Pilbara, 195

   – Kimberley, 413

   – Great Southern, 1,170

   – South West, 1,231

   – Mid West 513

   – Goldfields, 202

“We’re humbled to have reached this case milestone. It’s made us stop in our tracks to reflect on what this 100,000 figure symbolises.” said Louise Johnstone Forster, Chief Executive Officer.”

Louise Forster, CEO

“This accomplishment is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team over more than 25 years, and the trust placed in us by people seeking assistance. Advocare remains committed to providing unwavering support and advocacy for each older person we come into contact with.”

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