Samira’s choice to move in with her family

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Samira’s story

Samira’s son, Amit thinks his mum isn’t coping too well at home by herself and she’s getting a little forgetful. Amit tells his mum the best solution would be for her to sell her home and give him the money to build a nice little granny flat out of the back of his place. Amit and his wife could then look after her for the rest of her life.Samira loves living where she does, catching up for coffee with her neighbours and knowing where everything is at the local supermarket. But Samira wonders whether Amit is right and whether it is her best option?

Clearly, there are many things to consider before you move in with family, and some of these topics can be difficult to talk about. Sometimes it’s useful to have an independent person such as a mediator involved. Think about these points and decide together how you’ll manage them. For example:

  • What tasks such as cooking and cleaning will you do or share?
  • How will costs to the property and maintenance be divided?
  • What if the living situation’s not working out?
  • Will you be expected to look after grandchildren?
  • What happens if your care needs increase?
  • What happens if your adult children divorce?

Advocare can also help by providing information and strategies to help you feel supported and listened to.

(From Advocare’s free booklet, Your Money, Your Life, Your Choice: caring for your assets as you age)


Other organisations that may assist you in making a final decision to move in.

Citizens Advice Bureau
08 9221 5711
Relationships Australia
1300 364 277
Aboriginal Mediation Services
08 9264 6150
Legal Aid
1300 650 579
Centrelink Financial
Information Services (FIS)
13 23 00
Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
13 28 61
My Aged Care
1800 200 422