New radio station takes on IT and favourite tunes

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MITE Radio is a new online radio station, where timeless music and modern technology come together in an enjoyable way. MITE Radio is where we try to Make I.T. Easy, while playing great music from the ’40s through the ’80s. More than just a radio station, we are a community united by a commitment to lifelong learning and using technology to improve lives.

Our shared goals: “Digital Access” aiming to simplify interactions with government and online services and to make online shopping and entertainment a straightforward experience. “Online Tech Support Q&A” alleviating some of the burden often placed on family. “Social Inclusion” to help connect or reconnect with family, friends, and the wider community and “Skill & Confidence” to grow the tools to safeguard against online scams while fully embracing the digital landscape.

Perhaps you have a few hours per week to help the station as a volunteer? We are seeking presenters, audio editors, marketers, storytellers, researchers and many other roles, undoubtedly there’ll be something we can find to suit your interests and skills. It’s an exciting and rewarding opportunity and a supportive environment to make a real difference in the wider community. For a one-off experience, perhaps you’d like to volunteer to tell your story for a radio interview?

Listen online by using any smart device to go to – and press play. As a further option, you could then connect to a Bluetooth device (e.g. Bluetooth speaker or car stereo).

You’re very welcome to contact us directly on or 0492 906 469. We look forward to engaging with you as part of the MITE Radio family.

MITE Radio—where we blend the magic of music and the power of technology to enrich your life, one tune and one tip at a time.

Hosts on air for Mite Radio

(Contribution from Mite’s Kay Maccione)