Meet our new starters Emma, Sally and Janet

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Advocare welcomes these new faces to the team who you may have contact with when dealing with our advocacy, volunteering or marketing teams.

Janet McGinty – Acting Community Development Coordinator

A ‘newstarter’ of sorts, Janet has been with Advocare for more than six months as a welcome assistant to our Community Development team. With our wonderful Community Development Coordinator, Navodini heading off on maternity leave to welcome her first child shortly, we’re excited to announce Janet will be moving to Acting Community Development Coordinator for the next 12 months.

Janet says she’s looking forward to this new challenge, “The chance to introduce volunteers to people who are lonely or isolated is heart-warming. It’s amazing how simple acts of kindness, like a bunch of flowers and a smile, can create profound impacts. Whether it’s a friendly conversation, a shared cup of tea, or a heartfelt smile, these connections can brighten someone’s day and alleviate feelings of isolation.”

Congratulations Janet – and Nav!

Janet and friend Winston
L-R: Doggie visitor, Winston gets a cuddle from Janet

Sally Harrison – Marketing and Projects Coordinator

Sally joined Advocare in February as our Marketing and Projects Coordinator. Providing an extra pair of hands in our busy Marketing and Communications area, Sally will be helping to manage the development of Advocare’s new website, due to launch later in the year, co-designed with the help of our end users.

Sally has an extensive marketing and communications background. She’s previously held roles with not-for-profit organisations across the education, health and disability sectors, including involvement with innovative programs supporting nutrition and the health and wellbeing of First Nations people.

With experience of supporting her parents to navigate the complex aged care system, Sally is passionate about ensuring the voices of older people are heard and observed in all aspects of their life, particularly as they age and support needs increase.

Emma Pattipeilohy – Student on placement

Last but certainly not least, Emma joins us in a special role as our student on placement for the next three months. She’s currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work at Curtin University.

While Emma’s on placement within the Advocacy team, she anticipates her fieldwork will allow her to put her university-based learning into practice and explore the world of social work, further.

“I’ve already discovered Advocare has an amazing advocacy team. Not only does the team support older people with their concerns they also reach out to organisations and community groups through an interactive education program. In my first week at Advocare, I attended two education sessions and saw firsthand, how passionate the advocates were and how engaged they were with the participants.”

There’s no doubt that Advocare can give older people more confidence and hope in their lives. I’m so grateful we have an organisation around like Advocare.”

Emma P
Emma, our Social Work student on placement