Laughter is the best medicine in the South West

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Since the July launch of our Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS), we’ve spread our wings into the South West. Meet Pauline, who not only holds the title of being our first recruit but also takes entertaining older people to another level.

Amongst other pursuits Pauline gets up to in her spare time like gardening, dancing, and enjoying music and art, she also has a passion for ‘clowning’ to entertain older people. It’s a true story – and one she’s proud of, and it clearly gives her great joy too, to dress up like a clown to perform for others.

Previously, Pauline’s volunteered with other organisations before joining Advocare’s program, but one thing in common she’s always observed is that everyone, regardless of age or ability, must be given the opportunity to contribute in some way. Each person needs recognition, care, respect, and validation.

Volunteer, Pauline

Pauline shared, “My most memorable volunteering experience to date was facilitating an arts and crafts session. I recall a lady who attended with her teenage son, and she’d been diagnosed with early-onset dementia. I felt very humbled to be a part of their journey as they made sense of how dementia would impact their relationship in the future.”

The current client Pauline visits in an aged care facility is equally unforgettable. The client is a highly intelligent person who struggles getting the stimulating conversation they need from others in the facility. Pauline gladly provides this valuable conversation and companionship when she visits.

If you live in the South West region or Perth metro area and you’d like to be like Pauline in making someone’s day just by being yourself, call us on 08 9479 7566 or visit our ACVVS webpage to find out more.