Give an older person a valuable gift, your time.

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Everyone wants to feel like they matter – that they are valued and their voice is being heard.

Advocare’s volunteer program, the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS), consists of a team of dedicated volunteers who volunteer their time, skills and life experience visiting older people who are socially isolated, or at risk of social isolation or loneliness.

The volunteer program aims to make a difference to older people whose quality of life would be improved by positive engagement and companionship. Volunteers are connected with people living in residential aged care facilities or receiving aged care services at home.

Volunteers support older people by capturing their life stories and significant moments by; sharing stories and photos; talking and reminiscing; reading or listening to music together; talking on the phone; or working on a hobby or activity together.

Advocare volunteers are paired with older people based on shared interests and who live in close proximity to each other in the Perth Metropolitan area.

Dedicating a small amount of their time a week, Advocare volunteers not only make a huge difference to the lives of older people they visit, but to their own lives as well.

For more information about Advocare’s rewarding volunteer program, or if you would like to request a volunteer visitor, click here, call 1800 655 566 or email .