Elder Abuse Helpline

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We are here to listen and support you

Call the Elder Abuse Helpline on 1300 724 679. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm. 

Did you know Australia-wide, 1 in 6 older people will experience some form of abuse?*

Types of elder abuse can include:

  • Financial: illegal or improper use of someone else’s money or assets
  • Neglect: withholding essential care such as food, shelter, clothing, medical or dental care
  • Social: restricting social contact with others
  • Psychological: verbal or physical threats, intimidation
  • Sexual: non-consensual sexual contact and language
  • Physical: causing physical harm.

If you, or someone you know, may be experiencing elder abuse of any form, please call our free and confidential WA Elder Abuse Helpline. 

How Advocare can help

Our knowledgeable and experienced Advocates can work with you to improve or resolve the situation.

With your consent, we can also work with a family member or another representative working in your best interests, to resolve the situation.

Our Advocates can support you by:

  • Listening to your needs and concerns
  • Helping you to explore the options available to address the issue
  • Providing comprehensive resources and information
  • Supporting you with any conversations or actions you need to take; and
  • Referring you to free legal services and support.

It’s important to note we do not not intervene or take any action without your consent. Our Advocates also don’t carry out any investigations.

Our services are free and confidential, and you can choose how much you would like us involved in resolving the issue.

If you speak a language other than English we can arrange assistance via the Translating and Interpreting Service.

Please, if you find yourself in a threatening or unsafe situation call 000. The police can remove an abusive person or support someone to reach safety.

Lady calls Advocare for support

*Statistics reference: Australian Institute of Family Studies