Residential Aged Care Issues

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Do you live in a residential aged care facility? Are you concerned about your rights and options? Or does someone you care about live in a residential aged care facility?

You are not alone.

You have the right to expect high quality services, privacy and confidentiality.

You also have the right to make decisions about your own care and lifestyle.

Our advocates can support you in a variety of ways, ensuring that your rights and needs are being met, and that your voice is heard.

If you are a family member or friend who is concerned about someone living in a residential aged care facility, you can assist them to contact Advocare or you can call on their behalf for information about their rights and how we can help.

Making a Complaint

It is okay to raise a concern or make a complaint – it usually improves services for everyone.

Sometimes facilities may not be aware of the issue you are experiencing. Sometimes you may not understand your rights in full, or be aware of all the options available to you. By speaking to one of our advocates you are standing up for your own rights and creating change for yourself.

We will ensure you understand your rights and options, help you find the information you need for your situation, and advocate for you to ensure you get the best outcome.

For independent, free and confidential information and support, call us on 1800 655 566.

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If you speak a language other than English we can arrange assistance via the Translating and Interpreting Service.

Joan’s story

Joan* lives in a residential aged care home and contacted Advocare with some concerns about her services.  Originally, she had selected the home as it offered a number of activities and outings. It was important to Joan to keep her mind active and remain connected to the community.

However Joan found that the activities offered began to dwindle and that she was not being included in many of the events on offer. Joan had arranged a meeting with the manager of the home, but was frightened to go and considered cancelling.

Joan spoke to Advocare and talked though her options. She was pleased to learn that one of our advocates could be present to offer support at the upcoming meeting with the manager. Joan went ahead with the meeting feeling a lot more confident. She asked the manager to look into why she was not being taken to events and activities.

Joan is now a part of many events and activities and is once again enjoying living at the home.

* The names on this website have been changed to protect privacy