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Advocare provides care finder services under the Australian Government care finder program network that commenced in January 2023.

Our navigation service supports older Australians to understand, access and connect with other relevant aged care supports in the community. This service supports vulnerable older people who would not be able to arrange services without intensive support and who do not have a family member or friends who can help.

Care finder services are provided at no cost as they are fully funded through Primary Health Networks.

Our dedicated care finders offer face-to-face support and referral into nearby aged care and community services, supporting continued engagement and connection to these services, and can also support My Aged Care assessment applications, if eligible, for government-subsidised aged care services.

Who is eligible for services?

These service eligibility criteria apply:

  • Australians 65 years or older (50 years for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people or 50 years or older (45 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people) on low income and experiencing homelessness, or at risk of being homeless, who:

– Require other government support such as health, housing services, and social supports, and
– Are experiencing isolation, language or communication barriers and/or cognitive issues
– Have no family, friends, a carer or a representative they are comfortable receiving help from.

Advocare’s care finder services are available to older people living in the Perth metropolitan area, and the Wheatbelt and South West Regions. Read Advocare’s care finder brochure.

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This service is made possible through funding provided by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care under the Primary Health Network Program.

Margo’s story: a journey with our supportSmiling lady sitting on bench

Margo is an 82-year-old woman facing the challenges of aging, hearing impairment, early-stage dementia, and social isolation. With the assistance of Sheena, a care finder from Advocare, Margo’s journey takes a positive turn as she navigates the aged care system to receive the necessary support to continue living in her own home.

She’s been facing a series of challenges since the passing of her husband five years ago, diagnosed with early-stage dementia by her GP and deteriorating hearing. Living alone with her three children residing far away, Margo was reluctant to admit her difficulties to her children or seek help from My Aged Care, fearing she would be forced to move into a care facility. Her diminishing connections to the community and inability to drive further isolated her.

Margo’s journey took a significant turn when her GP, acknowledging her needs, introduced her to Sheena, a care finder from Advocare.

Sheena aimed to assist Margo in obtaining the necessary support to remain in her home for as long as possible. She introduced herself to Margo and arranged a visit to discuss how she could help. During their meeting, Sheena shared information about herself and her role, making Margo comfortable to open up about her challenges.

Our care finder guided Margo through an online assessment using her iPad to determine the type of support Margo was eligible for. Margo was content with Sheena acting as her ‘agent’ and they completed the assessment together.

Upon Margo’s eligibility assessment, Sheena helped Margo identify her needs and preferences, including house cleaning assistance. They explored local providers on the My Aged Care website, scheduled appointments, and reviewed agreements together.

Sheena supported Margo in contacting providers and helped her understand her options. They also reached out to the National Dementia Helpline and discovered a local support group for people with dementia.

After services were set up, Sheena maintained regular communication with Margo. Around a month later, Sheena called Margo to assess how things were going, highlighting her commitment to Margo’s well-being.

Help with aged care services

When Margo expressed concerns about inconsistent care worker visits and timing, Sheena proactively engaged with the provider to find a solution. Unfortunately, the issues couldn’t be resolved with the current provider.

Sheena offered Margo the option of connecting with an advocate to mediate, but Margo declined. Instead, Margo agreed to try a different provider, and Sheena assisted her to do this.

Sheena worked alongside Margo to contact the new provider, ensuring that only two care workers would be sent and that they would arrive on time. Margo found this arrangement more suitable, and her support services improved.

Sheena continued to check in with Margo approximately every three months to ensure her needs were being met and to address any new concerns that arose.

Through the diligent support provided by Sheena from Advocare, Margo’s quality of life improved significantly:

  1. Margo received personalised and tailored support services to remain in her home.
  2. She successfully addressed her challenges with inconsistent care worker visits and timing by switching to a more suitable provider.
  3. Her social engagement improved through participation in local support groups and activities.
  4. Margo maintained her independence and dignity, living comfortably in her home with the support she required.

Margo’s case illustrates the transformative impact of dedicated support and advocacy in navigating the complexities of aged care. Advocare’s involvement, under the guidance of Sheena, empowered Margo to access the services she needed while respecting her wishes and preferences.

Contact us Monday to Friday

Phone: 08 9479 7566 or 1800 655 566