Help with Elder Abuse


In Western Australia 1 in 20 older people will experience some form of abuse. Elder abuse can be silent and unseen. It often goes unrecognised and unreported.

People, regardless of their age, are entitled to have their human rights respected.

What is Elder Abuse?

Any act which causes harm to an older person and occurs within an informal relationship of trust, such as family or friends (APEA:WA).

Advocare assists people experiencing physical, emotional, financial, sexual or social abuse, or neglect.

An advocate can work with  the older adult who is experiencing mistreatment or a representative who is working in the best interests of the older person, such as a family member or friend.

An advocate is available to:

  • Listen to your needs and concerns         
  • Assist you to fully explore the options available to address the  issues
  • Provide an opportunity to consider potential  benefits and consequences of any actions that can be taken
  • Stand by you and provide advocacy where needed

Join the Online Elder Abuse Community

As a leader in elder abuse prevention, we welcome you to join the NEW online forum where you can share ideas, work towards solutions and collaborate with likeminded people to help stop elder abuse in Australia.
This forum is designed to give anyone working with older people a space to:

  •  Continue the conversations from the conference
  • Get involved with projects, ideas and events

  • Join in on a growing network of people who want to make real change

 The site is a secure network located at  and it’s FREE to be a member.

Get involved in World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15 June 2016 

Anyone can participate to help raise awareness about World Elder Abuse Awareness day. We encourage organisations such as aged care facilities, day centres, hospitals, and individuals both metro and regionally.  Join us if you are passionate about upholding older people’s rights to live without exploitation, abuse or fear.

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