About Us 


Our Vision and Purpose

Our Vision - A community where the rights of people are supported and respected

Our Purpose - To provide systemic and individual advocacy to support the rights of older people and people with disabilities


What Is Advocacy

Advocacy is a way of supporting people who may have difficulty safeguarding their own rights or representing and advancing their own interests. An advocate can act on behalf of a person who may not be able to ensure their own rights are protected.


• Is partial, empathetic and loyal to the disadvantaged party by being on their side an no-one else's

• Supports the disadvantage to express what they want and secure their rights

The purpose of advocacy is to empower the disadvantaged to maintain or regain control over the decisions which affect their lives so they get the outcomes they need.

 Our Advocates

While family members and support workers may act as advocates, there are circumstances in which having an independent, impartial advocate is a more desirable option.

Our advocates main role is to empower clients with information and provide options so that they have the ability to make their own decisions based on well informed choices.

Rather than stipulating to the client their best option, we work alongside the client providing information on their rights and assisting them to identify options so they can speak out confidently for their own interests.

Advocates works only with clients who have the mental capacity required to make their own decisions. In a situation where a client, or potential client, has impaired decision making capacity and there is conflict within that client’s family about their best interests, Advocare will refer the matter for consideration to the Office of the Public Advocate or encourage the service provider involved in their care to apply for the appointment of a guardian or administrator.

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